Advantages of Custom Courses

  • Contain organisation-specific content that addresses the precise learning needs of targeted learners

  • Becomes easy to modify content in case of changes or edits, as and when needed

  • Can be developed in different, engaging formats such as videos and gamified courses, to cater to all learning styles

  • You have complete ownership of the product

How do I get Started?

  • Provide us with your classroom training material - PowerPoint decks, participant handouts, and facilitator guides (manuals, videos, or charts, where applicable)

  • Tell us the performance outcomes of your target audience.

  • We deliver the most suitable online solutions for engagement and performance.

Here's what our team does:

  • Analyse your training material thoroughly, and work closely with your SMEs to fill content gaps.

  • Frame performance-based learning objectives and identify the content to be included.

  • Decide on the instructional design, visual, and assessment strategies that are best suited to the topic.

  • Fortify your courses with assessments, scenarios, and simulations, as needed.

  • Select the best authoring tool to meet your needs.

  • Submit drafts for your review and feedback.

  • Incorporate feedback and quality check for functionality.

  • Test the course for SCORM-compliance and host it on your LMS.