QCTO Accreditation

Any Skills Development Provider (SDP) offering training or who wants to provide training in trades, N4-N6, occupational and/or part-qualifications must seek accreditation from the QCTO, and must comply with the minimum criteria for accreditation. The accreditation is valid for a period of five years from the date in which the QCTO granted accreditation to the SDP or until the SDP is de-accredited by the QCTO.

SETA Accreditation

SETA accredited training entails that a skills development programme is approved by one of the 21 industry specific SETAs, who set specific standards for training providers to ensures the quality of the programme. Once the attendee has completed the training, they will obtain recognition of competence that is valid throughout the whole of South Africa. This confirms the level of the student’s proficiency and quality of training undertaken.

DHET Registration

By law, any Training Provider that offers any (Unit Standards / Skills Programmes / Qualifications) Accredited Training at any level must be registered with the DHET (Department of Higher Education and Training) before the 30th of November 2018.

CHE Accreditation

HEQC Accreditation Directorate only accredits whole, higher education qualifications, and is not responsible for the accreditation of any short programmes or learnerships.